Urban Rifle 2: Close Combat Conflict Resolution is the long awaited sequel to Clint Smith’s original title, Urban Rifle. UR2 contains updated information, expanded chapters, and new content, all delivered in Clint’s renowned ‘matter of fact’ style. Drawn from his +50 years of experience and subject matter expertise –not only as a combat veteran, but also as a teacher for tens-of-thousands of students from around the World, Urban Rifle 2 is the foundation for anyone interested in learning how to operate a rifle proficiently. This book is equally suited for seasoned shooters looking to refine their skills in fighting with a rifle in an urban environment.

Clint Smith is credited with creating the concept, instructional framework, and tactical doctrine of Urban Rifle, which he defines as “The use of the rifle in short range, 0 to 100 yard, environments.” He has refined the program over the past 40 years to adapt and grow as world events reshape the urban landscape, and weapons technology has evolved in response.

He is currently the President and Director of Training at Thunder Ranch Inc. He is a Marine Corps veteran of two tours, both as an infantryman and a member of the Combined Action Platoons in Vietnam. His experience includes seven years as a police officer during which he served as head of the Firearms Train- ing Division as well as being a S.W.A.T. team member and precision rifleman. Clint has also served as Operations Officer for the American Pistol Institute [Gunsite] where he was Dean of Instruction, and instrumental in range and curriculum development during his tenure.

In 1983, Clint founded International Training Consultants, Inc., [ITC], a multi-faceted mobile training organization, which is nationally recognized for its innovative programs in Urban Rifle, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, and various Defensive Handgun training programs. Concurrent with running ITC, in 1986 he served as Director of Training for Heckler & Koch, where he devel- oped and taught innovative courses in fully automatic and conventional weapons systems, for numerous domestic and foreign military and police entities.

Thunder Ranch opened near Kerrville, Texas in 1993, to showcase not only Clint’s innovative training programs, but numerous range designs and functionalities not seen before in one facility. In 2004, Thunder Ranch was successfully relocated to Lakeview, Oregon, where Clint, Heidi, and the Thunder Ranch staff continue to teach modern gun fighting to students both domestically, and from around the world. Clint has been a contributor to American Hand- gunner, American Cop, GUNS, and SWAT magazines and has published numerous articles in many other national and international publications.

Format: Paperback with color photos
Length: 169 pages

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