Thunder Ranch Announcement

Thunder Ranch (TR) established itself more than 30 years ago and has become one of the premier tactical training facilities nationwide. Nearly 2 years ago the Smith’s posted a Youtube video announcing Thunder Ranch is for sale looking for new partners to take the school, doctrine, and staff into its next chapter and growth phase.

It is with great professional pride that we would like to share that goal has been achieved. TR was acquired at the end of 2023 by a pair of long-time, and dedicated students of the ranch. The new ownership's goal is to simply provide more of everything to the dedicated student base of TR. More classes, expanded types of classes, direct partnerships yielding new products available in the market (soft goods, direct product partnerships, unparalleled student experiences).

Clint is not retiring from teaching, nor leaving TR. Clint and Heidi will remain on the property the rest of their lifetime and will build a new custom home. Clint will continue to deliver class lectures and doctrine for many years to come. Jack Daniel, personally selected by Clint Smith more than 8 years ago as the Director of Training will continue to nurture and expand the seasoned staff of TR.

In Clint’s own words “I am never retiring; I will teach a class a week after I am dead.”

Thunder Ranch is only getting started.

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