Adjunct staff assist Clint & Heidi on the range when needed. Thunder Ranch Adjunct Staff Instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and career fields. Whether Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, Parole & Probation, Competition, or Medical they are selected for their ability to teach and convey their skill set to students. Staff Instructors bring their experience to the course and augment or enhance the instruction.

Jason Burton – Staff Instructor

Jason Burton is the owner/operator of Heirloom Precision where he builds the finest quality 1911 pattern pistols. During his tenure as a custom 1911 builder Jason has had the opportunity to work with and build pistols for discerning clientele from all walks of life. His general firearms knowledge as well as his specialty with the 1911 pistol has made him a very sought-after master craftsman and firearms industry consultant. Jason has always had an interest in fine weapons and related equipment and their practical application for everyday use. This passion extends to his lifelong pursuit of firearms training and seeking out the best possible tactics for personal defense/firearms-related scenarios. As a result, Jason has had the opportunity to train with and refine these skills with some of the most respected individuals and schools in the nation. These include Vickers’s Tactical, Rob Leatham, Trident Concepts, EAG Tactical, Viking Tactics, and others. In 2010, Jason became involved with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office where he has focused on teaching handgun techniques to various personnel in MCSO as well as consulting on assorted firearms related subjects.

Spencer Clarke – Staff Instructor

Spencer is a full time ER Doctor. Spencer’s specialty is Long Range courses and spotting. He also helps with our Home and Vehicle Defense and Trauma Block classes. Spencer particularly enjoys helping students get hits on the 1000 and 1200 yards. Spencer is known for his .004 MIL wind calls. He has studied the physics and science of long range shooting and shares that with our students. Spencer spends his free time teaching photography, reloading, competing in bolt gun shoots, gardening, cooking, and spending time with his lovely wife and family. Spencer has been on staff since 2009.

Jack Daniel – Staff Instructor

Jack is currently a Lieutenant with a Southern Oregon municipal police department. He has nearly fifteen years of law enforcement experience and has served as, among other positions, a Patrol Officer, Patrol Supervisor, Street Crimes (Counter-Narcotics) Detective, and Major Crimes Detective. Jack is the Team Leader for his agency’s SWAT Team, and has served in various roles on the team. He holds his Supervisory and Advanced Police Certificate from DPSST. He has attended many well recognized training schools including, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Basic School, Hostage Rescue School, SWAT Team Leader School, NTOA Less Lethal Instructor, NTOA SWAT Commander School, AR-15/M16 Armorer, Glock Armorer, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Submachine Gun Instructor, DPSST Firearms Instructor, and numerous other patrol, tactical, and detective operations schools and conferences. Jack and his family love the outdoors and when he is not at work, they spend their free time exploring the wild parts of Oregon.

Shawn Hoban – Staff Instructor

Shawn is a full-time Parole & Probation Officer since 2001 and is currently working in a Supervisor position at a Community Corrections agency located in Oregon. He is a part-time Survival Skills Instructor at DPSST (Oregon Police Academy) 2004 – current. He is currently assigned full-time to multi-agency narcotics enforcement team from 2007-2014. Current agency Assistant Rangemaster and Firearms Instructor since 2005. Current agency Defensive Tactics (DT) Program Coordinator and DT instructor since 2003. Shawn is also a Glock certified armorer, Use of Force Instructor, Confrontational Simulation Instructor (CON SIM), and has recently completed IALEFI Master Instructor Firearms Development training course (2016).

George Jahant -Tactical Medic, Staff Instructor

George Jahant retired from the San Antonio Police Department in 2016 after serving nearly 40 years. George worked in Patrol and Evidence & Narcotics, but his career focus was Special Operations (SWAT, Negotiations, and Tactical Medicine). With over 30 years of training and experience in Critical Incident skills and management, he applied his knowledge, talent, and efforts to help form one of the top Special Operations Programs in the United States. George participated in successfully executing thousands of high-risk incidents and warrants. He used these experiences to train law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel in all aspects of conflict and threat management. George is a Senior Consultant for Con10gency Consulting and has decades of experience working with large corporations and public agencies.

Mike Nork – Staff Instructor

Mike Nork is a 3rd generation Oregon law enforcement officer. He worked the streets on patrol in southern Oregon since 2003. Mike has over 10 years on SWAT with operational/critical incident experience on both entry and snipers in urban, wooded, and rural environments. Mike holds an Advance Police Certificate and is a current DPSST firearms instructor for pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Mike is also a defensive tactics instructor for his agency. He has attended training from multiple private and tactical association academies. Mike is married, 17 years, and father of 2, ages 14 & 10. Spare time is used time loading ammo, hunting, fishing, canoeing, backpacking and hiking the Pacific Northwest and Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument.

Aaron Rauschert – Staff Instructor

Aaron is a Full-time Parole & Probation Officer since 2001, currently working in a Supervisor position at a Community Corrections agency located in Oregon. He is a part-time Survival Skills Instructor at DPSST (Oregon Police Academy) since 2014. Current agency Firearms Rangemaster/Program Coordinator and Firearms Instructor since 2003. Current agency Assistant Defensive Tactics (DT) Program Coordinator and DT instructor since 2006. Aaron is also a Glock certified armorer, Use of Force Instructor, Confrontational Simulation Instructor (CON-SIM) and has completed IALEFI Master Instructor Firearms Development training course (2016).

Richard Smith -Tactical Medic, Staff Instructor

Richard Smith is a former United States Marine who joined the San Antonio Police Department in September 1989. Previous assignments include the Patrol Division, Training Academy, and the Tactical Response Unit; Richard is currently assigned to the Special Operations Unit, where he serves as a full time Hostage Negotiator and as the San Antonio Police Department Tactical Medic Program’s Coordinator. Richard has participated in hundreds of critical incidents, and has been the Primary Negotiator in many of those incidents. Richard has been a Police Trainer for nearly 25 years, and is currently a Master Peace Officer through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. He is an instructor for both Basic and Advanced Hostage Negotiation schools; former Staff Instructor for the Alamo Area Council of Governments; and a former Adjunct Instructor for US Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Tactical Medic School. Richard is the Chief Consultant for Con10gency Consulting and has served as a consultant for large corporations, universities, churches, and federal buildings, providing threat management and threat mitigation evaluations.

Brandon White – Staff Instructor

Brandon White has served 17 years with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, 4 years as a sergeant (3 years pushing pencils), 15 years Corrections Emergency Response Team, 8 years as Team Leader, and 12 years LE Firearms Instructor in pistol, rifle and shotgun. He is a IALEFI Master Instructor. His favorite Clint quote is “No one will give you a break in a fight because you don’t know how to run your shit!” Best words of encouragement to a student: “You take your eyes off that bad guy again and I will stab you in the face!”

Chris Zupan – Staff Instructor

Chris Zupan spent four years in the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman. He has spent the last twenty years as a police officer in southern Oregon, where he has served as a patrol officer, patrol supervisor, major crimes detective, member of a gang task force, and field training officer. Chris is currently assigned as a supervisor to a very active interagency narcotics task force. Chris served 10 years as a sniper and sniper team leader on his agency’s SWAT team and is currently the assistant team leader for their entry team. He in one of the departments defensive tactics and use of force instructors and is well rounded in the use of tactics and firearms. He has attended schools such as SWAT school, SWAT team leader school, hostage rescue school, Sniper school, advanced sniper school and defensive tactics instructor school. He is married to wife who is also in the law enforcement field with three kids and one wiener dog.