Thunder Ranch 25th Anniversary Limited Numbered Holster Set





Clint, Heidi, and the entire Thunder Ranch crew are proud to announce a special collaboration with Milt Sparks Holsters to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thunder Ranch. For almost five decades the Milt Sparks Holsters brand has been producing premium quality concealment gear and their craftsmanship and functional designs have been long time favorites of Clint and the Thunder Ranch staff. For our 25th anniversary a special collaboration seemed fitting.  To commemorate our special anniversary the crew at Milt Sparks Holsters is producing a matching set featuring the iconic 1AT holster and matching S-4C mag-carrier. The 1AT holster is well established as the definitive practical holster of the early IPSC era and this special edition will hold true to its roots with the classic tension welt design, sewn in sight rails, as well as a distinctive loop and diamond pattern decorative stitching. The production of this special set will be limited to 50 pieces and each set will feature the Thunder Ranch logo and be numbered X of 50. The matching TR anniversary set will be delivered in a custom Milt Sparks box matched and numbered to the holster and carrier with an accompanying letter signed by Clint that documents each limited edition anniversary set. These anniversary sets will only be available in black for the Government Model, with 1.5” loops, muzzle rear, and in right hand draw. For those interested a matching belt can be purchased separately from Milt Sparks in your size and numbered to match your TR anniversary set.  Belt is NOT included in this set.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 7 x 3 in


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