Defensive Handgun TEXAS 2018 Feb 2-4

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Although many people own handguns, most people do not know how to effectively use them. The Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1) course addresses basic skills of gun safety, drawing, loading, and malfunctions. Some advanced skills such as distance firing, shooting and moving, basic tactics, low light handgun operation and other issues specific to the defensive use of a handgun are also covered in this class. The DH1 class is a great place to start for students new to handgun shooting, students new to professional training with handguns, or even well trained individuals looking to brush up on the core fundamentals. Nominal 1000 Rounds of Standard Ammunition.

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Defensive Handgun TEXAS 2018 Feb 2-4

February 2, 2018 8:00 am
February 4, 2018 4:00 pm
Flagler Ranch, Mountain Home Texas , 438 Flagler Ranch Rd , Mountain Home , Texas ,78058   View map
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3 reviews for Defensive Handgun TEXAS 2018 Feb 2-4

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Thunder Ranch Defensive Handgun course I attended in April was an interesting experience. Students ranged in experience from seasoned law enforcement officers to literal beginners like myself. When I signed up for the class I was worried that I would be in over my head. I picked up a handgun for the first time 2 months ago, only had basic NRA safety training, am 60 years old with a bad back… seriously, a poster child for “beginner”.
    Over the 3-day class my skill set improved dramatically, and while challenged, I was never in that “over my head” situation that I feared. The instructors were attentive, provided constant feedback and were supportive throughout the duration of the course. The course had a great balance of didactic training, hands on new skill development and well paced practice of key techniques, always under the watchful eye of Clint, Heidi and the team. This was a course built on great insights into adult learning, personal motivation, respect for history and safety safety safety.
    The course progressed from hit the target, to hit a zone in the target, hit the zone while moving, hit a quadrant of the zone, hit a small circle in the zone, to hit the same hole with a second bullet. The bottom line is that every student got better, learned new techniques and even the beginner was able to zero in on the last task.
    I’ll not soon forget standing in a snow flurry watching flakes land on the hot barrel of my handgun, creating a surreal steamy snowing look down the sights! Priceless.
    Great course, great team and a great value.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thunder Ranch — Amazing
    I recently participated in the Defensive Handgun – DH class at Thunder Ranch.
    I have had a concealed carry permit for many years but did not feel real comfortable carrying a
    pistol and wanted to be able to handle a pistol with some degree of confidence.
    In other words I wanted to learn the language. I really did not know what to expect and was not
    disappointed. Clint and Heidi Smith and crew are not only well trained but are able to guide
    you through a focused and intensive three day program. When I was finished I was exhausted
    and grateful for the experience.
    The focus of the class goes from understanding what responsibility we who carry have to
    ourselves and our community but to also practice avoidance of situations which would call us
    to use our training. Always remembering there is an attorney riding every bullet.
    I also came away from the class with a long list of things to practice so that I can become more
    proficient in protecting myself and family.
    I am sure this class is not for everyone and I found myself at 72 knowing that age, conditioning,
    altitude and dehydration can be tough.
    I hope that anyone interested and responsible would find a way to take this class or other
    classes at Thunder Ranch.
    Thank you again Clint and Crew you are Amazing,

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The defensive handgun course at Thunder Ranch was an experience that I can just now put in the words. Some may look at the cost and not pursue it. But the price of admission pales in comparison to the knowledge and experience that Clint, Heidi and all the trainers have to offer. Due to “life” I was unable to even shoot a handgun for the previous 6-7 months before I showed up to TR. I was nervous and anxious to start, as I was not prepaired. Over the weekend, my confidence grew and the experience of Clint and all the trainers were the cause of this. I suprised myself with how much info I took in and retained, and used.
    My only regret is not taking this handgun or any course from TR sooner.
    Take this class, you will be better because of it.
    Thank you
    Heidi, Clint and the entire staff: Brady, Brandon, Brian, Brian, Chris and Jack.

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