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Counter Sniper with Fieldcraft extends the range from muzzle to 800 yards in the field with primary focus inside of Danger Close distance (0-300). Students will see the true capability of their rifle and scope combination in a Counter Sniper role. Drills include shooting from elevated platforms and windows, moving to contact, reduced and hidden targets, and stress drills. Students will be introduced to team spotting and giving corrections, holds, and wind calls for their partner. In addition, students will gain knowledge from exposure to shooting in wind and dialing scope corrections/DOPE. Primary focus is from prone but drills will include field condition application from modified positions and hides. Counter Sniper Oregon includes Fieldcraft where we will spend 2 days on locating, ranging, and engaging hidden reduced sniper silhouette targets in the field. Students will team up in shooter/spotter roles and work as a team in these engagements while communicating with other Shooter/Spotter Teams while staying hidden from view. Stalking, hides, terrain analysis, team-based communications, and rifle signature reduction will be addressed. Good scopes mounted to a strong action are advisable. Spotting scopes and Ghillie suits are highly recommended by not necessary to attend.  Bring them if you have them. Student must be in good shape physically and be able to hike & climb stairs, ladders, rock faces while carrying their rifle packs at high elevation.  Rifle packs necessary.  NO MAGNUMS.

Nominal 500 rounds NO MAGNUMS

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Counter Sniper With Fieldcraft

November 1, 2017 8:00 am
November 4, 2017 4:00 pm
Thunder Ranch Oregon 96747, Hwy 140 East, Lakeview, OR, 97630   View map
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3 reviews for Counter Sniper With Fieldcraft

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John (verified owner)

    This is a great course if you want to become comfortable and familiar with precision marksmanship beyond 300 yards. This is not a particularly physically demanding course, but it is a good test of your optic and gun. Here are my tips to ensure you get the most out of your class:
    * Invest in a shooting mat. Honestly a yoga mat works fine, but a shooting specific mat works good too.
    * Make sure your scope has either a MOA or MIL reticle, and that your turrets match your reticle. Don’t buy a MIL reticle with MOA adjustments.
    * Have a sling
    *Don’t worry too much about the backpack holding your gun requirement. It seemed to be fine to just sling up and use a small daypack.
    * Show up with your gun and optic mounted securely, zeroed, and a dope card already made. Doing so will save you some time and frustration the first day.
    * Be familiar with the basics of how to set up in the prone position.
    * DO NOT BE A JACKASS AND USE A MUZZLE BRAKE. The brake is totally unnecessary and is super loud for the shooters on the line. If the gun’s recoil is unmanageable, think about getting a different caliber.
    *Pack and dress accordingly. The first day was sunny and 65, the second was 38 and windy, the third was 40 and raining, and the fourth was 35 and covered in fresh snow. Layers are key for a place like Lakeview that has a wide variety of temperatures and conditions.
    * I shot a 6.5 Creemoor bolt gun, but the majority of the class shot a 308.
    * Buy a small Rite in the Rain notebook for your class notes. They are like $4 and work great in the inclement weather. The range books you buy from US Tactical looked nice too, but my little notebook fit perfectly in my breast pocket of my jacket.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent course to build confidence with shooting out to 800 and under stress and in uncomfortable positions. Also developed a good understanding about how a potential bad guy Sniper might think so as to give us an opportunity to neutralize that threat. Great staff support very safe very Pro attitude. Thoroughly enjoyed the course even the snow and the hill climbing. I’m an old outta shape guy with two hip replacements and I was comfortable doing all the exercises.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    This course takes you beyond the mechanics and skills required to shoot a rifle, and starts you on the journey of learning when, where, and how to send a round downrange. Add the pressures of changing physical environments + unexpected situations, and you have a GREAT CLASS taught under the guidance of the experienced and always safe Thunder Ranch Staff. An open mind, a strong desire to learn, and a willingness to work hard and THINK are the most important pre-requisites. Bring the best ammo you can afford and please torque down all your knobs and screws!

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