Urban Rifle 2: Close Combat Conflict Resolution, now on MP3 Audiobook, read by Clint Smith himself. But unlike most unabridged audiobooks, this is not a word for word reading of the printed book, in fact it’s much more, as Clint elaborates on topics, and tells side stories throughout the entire reading. If you know Clint, have watched his videos, or have ever been in a Thunder Ranch class, you know exactly what we mean. The man is a born storyteller.

Recorded and mastered on professional audio equipment over three days during the Fall of 2020, The UR2 audiobook is 28 chapters, and over four and half hours long. Additionally, you get a 16GB Thunder Ranch USB key/Flash drive, perfect for storing files on the go.

Audiobook, on a USB key? What gives? Well, much like our other Digital Training options, by shipping you the audiobook files on a flash drive, it’s outside the influence or control of the technology brands that we use. Hosting downloadable files on corporate servers means that we could be “overruled” by these companies, and lose our ability to share them. We don’t feel that politics should be part of how our electronics work. So we create the media, and physically distribute it via mailed USB keys.

We recorded this audiobook like a music album. The files are formatted as MP3s, chosen because it’s a file type that can be played by almost any computer or smart device made in the last few decades. Individual tracks or songs for each of the chapters of the book. While there are a number of audiobook specific programs out there, everyone’s got a music player on their devices, and it’s just as good at playing the spoken word as it is music.

When you get your audiobook on USB, you can plug it into your computer and begin listening along right there. Or you can import it to your music program (like iTunes or Music) and then sync it with your smartphone or MP3 player.

For Apple users, follow this link if you have any trouble. ( https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/sync-music-to-your-device-mchlbf6a1fab/mac )

For Android users, because of the wide variety of smartphone brands and versions of the Android operating system, there are too many options to create a useful help list there. We’d recommend  searching Google for “How to load music files on XYZ-branded-phone”, or something similar.

If you’re still having trouble, this is where the family computer wiz comes in handy. Every family’s got the kid who knows how to do it all. In fact, he’s probably attached to his Playstation right now.


Available for purchase!

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