Thunder Ranch is proud to announce our next chapter of firearms training options: Thunder Ranch Digital Training. We’ve got all of our professionally produced titles from our DVD catalog available on USB thumb drive, Audio Lectures narrated by Clint, as well as more than 14 hours of Clint’s Digital Web Training Series!


Why a USB thumb drive and not a direct download or streaming?
The firearms industry and all of the communities surrounding it are under constant threat by the technology giants that shape how the internet works. The largest video streaming website in the world is well known for removing firearms related videos and banning those that make them. Even website hosting and credit card processing companies have an opinion. So we decided to do something more permanent. We’ve taken control of our own distribution. No Thunder Ranch channel that can be banned, no streaming server that can be shut down. And you’ll have all of your Thunder Ranch training on your own devices, under your own control.

How do I order?
It’s pretty easy really. Like ordering items à la carte at a restaurant.

  • First, choose your USB thumb drive. We have two sizes. A silver 16GB drive that’s $20, and a golden 64GB drive that’s $40. If you’re only choosing a few titles, the 16GB is perfect. If you want more than a couple, or you plan to add Clint’s Web Training, the larger 64GB drive will hold it all.
  • Next, select which titles you want loaded onto your USB thumb drive. Every title is only $15 each, no matter if they are one-part or two part.
  • Finally, choose if you want to add Clint’s Audio Lectures, and 14 hours of Clint’s Digital Web Training Series to your USB thumb drive. (As this will almost completely fill up the 16GB drive, the 64GB drive is recommended)

Once you’ve made your selections, we’ll load your files and get this mailed out shortly.

What if I want the whole thing?
Click here to order the entire catalog in the Thunder Ranch Master USB Collection. We save you from having to click all the boxes, and you save $125!

What if I only want Clint’s Digital Web Training?
Click here for Clint’s Digital Web Training, we stuffed all of it onto a 16GB thumb drive that’s available for only $79.




Thunder Ranch Digital Training (File Size: 1GB – 2GB per title)

Our library of Training Courses and Programs, now in a convenient file format for your Computer or Mobile Device!

Clint’s Digital Web Training Series (File Size: 13GB)

Add more than 14 hours on nearly 60 different titles from Clint’s Digital Web Training Series

Clint’s Audio Lectures (in .mp3 format)

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