Nearly any rifle can be used to engage targets from muzzle contact to hundreds of yards away. Now learn how. If you were limited to just “One Rifle”, which would YOU choose? Select your most useful long gun, be it a bolt gun, lever gun, semi-auto, or pump, and let Clint Smith and the Thunder Ranch Staff teach you to use it from muzzle contact, emphasis on 300 yards/Danger Close distances, all the way to 700 yards. Select your most well-rounded rifle, and learn to make it work. Clint and his staff will take you through two days of instruction and exercises that will build skill and test your abilities and gear against Thunder Ranch’s most daunting rifle curriculum ever offered. This class is the natural evolution of our “Old Rifle” program, and includes valuable and relevant concepts to add to your rifle skillset.

*Use LOGIC when selecting your One Rifle. This course is not for .22LR, Magnum Calibers, or .50BMG

Included in this course holiday home cooked meal by Clint and Heidi for you the first night of class. Please contact us ahead of time if you have any food restrictions so we can take care of it.

Course Length: 2 Days

300 Rounds, standard/non-frangible 



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