This is the TR Edition of the Milt Sparks 55BN with muzzle rear cant Holster for a 5″ 1911 Government. 1.5″ belt loop, cowhide, TR Logo is proudly adorned on the outside.  An all time Milt Sparks classic and one of their best designs for range work and everyday carry.  Bruce Nelsons “Professional” is arguably one of the most copied holster designs in the industry (right up there with his model “Summer Special”), with literally every maker/manufacturer offering some kind of version of it. The “Professionals” heritage is characterized by the unique combination of a sewn tunnel loop and punched rear belt slot mounting arrangement that are designed to lever the butt of the gun in tight to the body. This was an important feature as Bruce originally conceptualized the use of the model “Professional” as a cross draw holster, but the design has proven to function equally well as strong-side holster with the application of the proper cant. In the early seventies and with Bruce’s’ permission, Milt began producing a version of the model Professional as the model 55BN (the BN of course, in reference to Bruce Nelson), helping to meet the demand that Bruce was unable to fulfill at the time, due to his then involvement in law enforcement.


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