First round hits on diminutive targets at unknown distances, under mentally and physically challenging scenarios, is what Counter Sniper with Fieldcraft will challenge you to over its 4 days of instruction.

This is a rifleman’s class, and one close to Clint’s heart. Clint has spent the last 50 years devoted to constantly refining Thunder Ranch’s curriculum, and Counter Sniper with Fieldcraft is the pinnacle course offering for precision rifle shooters that Thunder Ranch has to offer. We waste no time in getting you behind your rifle system and building good data and firsthand knowledge to successfully engage reduced sized targets at Known and Un-Known Distances, under very short time frames and variable conditions.

Class emphasis is on shooting from Real-World locations –through loopholes, out of hidden, elevated and awkward positions. You will use both natural and man-made hides, and know how to modify them to your benefit. You will better understand the roles of both spotter and shooter, and learn why each plays a vital role in making first round hits on UKD [Un-Known Distance] threats. But don’t worry, you’ll also have ample opportunity to hone your skills and build reliable data for Known Distance targets [KD’s] on our World-Class square range. You will establish/confirm your zero, and then walk it back to +700 yards, ensuring you and your rifle system are squared away, and you have the practical data for the successive days of training and scenarios.

Documentation is your friend here, as you will refer back to your DOPE [Direct Observation from Prior Engagements] book frequently during this class, as our mountain weather provides the X-Factor making each target engagement an ever-changing and new challenge to hit, each day. If you don’t currently own/maintain a DOPE book, we have you covered there as well. We provide one on Day 1 for you to use and keep. It’s also a pretty cool record of your experience at Thunder Ranch, and will be a unique and hard earned personal souvenir from your Counter Sniper course.

Learn by doing. You will be paired off into shooter/spotter teams, and given ample opportunities to experience both roles. By gaining valuable time-on-glass, you will truly understand the need for teamwork in this type of shooting. By acting in the spotter role, you will be exposed to variable conditions that you can only see under higher magnification at distance. You will learn to interpret what you see and effectively communicate that information as “holds and values” to the shooter. In this spotter role, you will see first-hand the value in adding to, and utilizing your DOPE book.

This is both a mentally and physically challenging course. Counter Sniper with Fieldcraft utilizes the entire facility over the 4 days of training. Your stalks will take you through our forested hills, and the exercises utilize all of our obstacles, including Punisher, Jungle Lane, and Ambush Alley runs. There’s also a challenging scenario to overcome from inside of the Terminator. You’ll be one of the few that will have experienced everything Thunder Ranch has to offer under one class setting.

And to keep it interesting, the TR Target Elves come out every night and reset the range. So if you think you’re ahead of the game, Clint and the talented TR Staff are always working to ensure you are facing a new set of challenges each day.

Good scopes, mounted to a strong action, properly bedded into a quality stock are advisable. Spotting scopes and Ghillie suits are highly recommended, but not necessary to attend.  Bring them if you have them. Be SURE to have all tools required to maintain and repair your rifle system, as you WILL be using your gear under austere conditions.

Student must be in good shape physically, and be able to hike, climb stairs, ladders, and negotiate obstacles while carrying their rifle, packs, gear at high elevation.  Rifle packs necessary.  NO MAGNUMS.


Course Length: 4 Days









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