The Advanced 1911 Diagnostic Course is a 2-day class that guides the student through the operation and functional details of the 1911 pistol as well as the steps to properly fit key reliability components to the gun. The first day is spent in the classroom studying the operating cycle of the 1911 pistol while identifying key functional aspects and learning the basics of how a properly set-up 1911 should be. Topics covered on day one will include:

  • Complete disassembly of pistol
  • Detail discussion of each part with explanation of proper fit and function
  • Firing cycle of 1911
  • Common parts breakages and what to look for
  • Malfunction diagnosis
  • Understanding basic extractor tuning and geometry
  • Proper spring weights for various calibers and sizes
  • Safety checks
  • Firing pin safeties pros and cons
  • Functional differences between Government Model / Commander Model / O-ACP
  • Magazines – what works and why
  • Reassembly of pistol
  • Proper maintenance and lubrication
  • Building on the topics covered during day one, the second day continues in the classroom with the
    students learning to replace/modify components of the gun that are often encountered as sub-par or
    with a higher than normal failure rate.
  • Fit and tune extractor
  • Fit and tune slide stop
  • Fit and modify firing pin stop
  • Overall reliability inspection
  • Please note:
  • In an effort to limit the variances found over the wide range of 1911 brands, makers, sizes, and
    configurations the course will require the student to bring an all steel 5” 1911 in 45ACP that
    uses the conventional Browning designed barrel/bushing configuration and internal extractor.
  • Students will be provided with the parts to be fit during day two (slide stop, extractor, firing pin
    stop) and the second day will also include a test fire protocol to check for proper function.
  • Students are required to provide their own tools/equipment as listed on page 2.

Advanced 1911 Diagnostic Course Tools and Equipment

  • 1911 pistol – 5” steel framed Government Model chambered in 45ACP and using the standard
  • Browning designed barrel/bushing configuration and internal extractor
  • NOMINAL 50 rounds of 230gr FMJ
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Pin punch for removing MSH pin (Brownells P/N: 080-850-000 is recommended)
  • 1/16” punch (Brownells P/N: 827-525-780)
  • Bench block (Brownells P/N: 080-000-493)
  • #3 cut square needle file (Brownells P/N: 249-214-231)
  • #2 cut 4” standard pillar file (Brownells P/N: 191-398-730)
  • #2 cut 6” standard pillar file (Brownells P/N: 191-399-110)
  • Screwdriver or Allen-wrench (as appropriate for your gun) for stock screws
  • Screwdriver or Allen-wrench (as appropriate for your gun) for mag-catch lock
  • Bushing wrench (as appropriate for your gun)
  • Cleaning matt or towel
  • Basic cleaning tools – rod, bore brush, patches, cleaning brush, etc
  • Pen/Pencil & notebookRecommended Optional Tools
  • #1 cut square needle file (Brownells P/N: 249-214-212)
  • #0 cut 4” standard pillar file (Brownells P/N: 191-398-610)
  • #0 cut 6” standard pillar file (Brownells P/N: 191-398-990)
  • Hammer (Brownells P/N: 818-600-100 is recommended)
  • Cleaning matt (Brownells P/N: 084-280-001)

Overall reliability inspection

  • 50 rounds lead free ammunition for function test.

Course Length: 2 Days



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