96747 Highway 140 East, Lakeview OR.  97630
For general inquiries please email  [email protected]  For questions on firearms, gear, or equipment please email [email protected]
Leave town north, go past the Shell gas station another 3 miles and turn right on Hwy 140 East- toward Adel, Winnemucca,   go 1.1 miles and look left for the covered bridge
  This depends on the course, read your course description.
YES! You need Lead Free or frangible ammunition for ALL COURSES EXCEPT for Long Range AR, Mid-Range Rifle, Counter Sniper, and High Angle Rifle.
Minimum of 1 month before your class. Please allow time for processing and delivery or inventory issues with your supplier.  
Yes, if the course you want is not offered or full please get on the waitlist at [email protected]
Yes, bring a lunch every day.
The range deck is at 5400 feet in the mountains. Be ready for any weather. Rain gear is always a must. The weather changes quickly day to day. Dress in layers.
Day one starts at 0830, be at the bridge at 0805 sharp
Lots of choices, our favorites are Mario’s, Jerry’s, Snack Shack, and Green Mountain Bakery/Pizza.
One that works, that you know to work, and a spare if you can.  You will need a sling as well. 4-6 magazines that you know to work as well.
The one you own, if you need assistance or want recommendations on what we have seen and know to work contact [email protected]
Yes, very much.  A quality holster that retains the pistol securely when turned upside down. Along with a solid belt.
Yes. Zeros are a personal preference and some may be dictated by agency policy. A 100 yard zero will be adequate and is recommended for your course.
Yes. Staff can assist if needed in mounting and zeroing.   If the rifle is new, please ensure reliable function before you travel for your course.